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At the Seocho Musical Instrument Street Festival

At the sudden request of the Maestro Hoon Suh of the Seoul Grand Philharmonic Orchestra, who conducted my film music at the Korean Film Music Concert at the Lotte Concert Hall in December 2021, I participated in a film music talk concert on September 22 at the Steinway Hall in Seocho-dong with composer Dae-sung Hong. It was a relatively small concert as it was one of several performances as part of the Seocho Musical Instrument Street Festival, and the film critic Sung-Eun Yoon served as the moderator. However, due to my poor physical condition caused by a sudden flu, I had to participate in the concert wearing a mask without enough practicing. My sister's house was right around the corner, but I didn't even invite her for the lack of practice.

I played a fairly expensive piano that cost almost about the same as a tiny house, and it was a shame that I, a bad pianist, had to play without enough practicing the piano. But even if I had practiced hard, it might not have made much difference.

What I noticed was that whenever I played my composition for 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' in my concert, I always made some mistakes. This time, I made some mistakes twice in a row even in the very first note, so I stopped and rapidly changed the repertoire and improvised my another composition that I had written almost 10 years ago, "Lord, I Give You a Song of Love," instead. When switching the song, I thought what if I couldn't remember the song, but luckily It went not too bad. I may have to avoid to play the Lady Vengeance anymore at the performance, and just thinking if I leave a small performance for YouTube later?

On the other hand, I would like to give a big applause to composer Dae-sung Hong for his wonderful and beautiful compositions and his piano playing skills, and I would like to thank critic Yoon for organizing the event smoothly and Maestro Suh for organizing the festival and the concert.

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